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Hill Homework Policy

We are now implementing a new Hill Homework policy. We believe that homework should be a meaningful and positive experience for both the student and parent. Each grade level’s homework policy is posted below. We encourage you to put aside time each day to sit with your child and do homework. We will be surveying parents, students, and staff during the year for feedback on our new policy. If you have any questions about homework, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. As always, we appreciate all your support in working with the school to help make your child as successful as she/he can be.


Second grade home is self-directed. Students have the option of working on Lexia, Fast Math, Pearson, reading for 20 minutes, practicing spelling words nightly, and practicing math facts.

Reading: Daily reading for minimum of 15 minutes and filling out their reading log.
Math: Two to three times per week as needed.